Your Mobile Gift Card Choice Is Right!

Your Mobile Gift Card Choice Is Right!

While e-gift cards were initially considered a fad, they are now a trending gifting style.  Gift Cards are increasingly becoming popular with more than 130 billion dollars loaded on Gift Cards in US in year 2012. Each year more and more people prefer easy and convenient gifting solutions, yet not loosing the essence of a physical gift. At giftkard, we always look for features that will make your e-gift cards more personal. Along with a personal message you can also add an image with the gift Cards.

We have carefully selected multiple Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Salon & Spa Brands to give you an exhaustive collection of Gift Cards to choose from. Below are top 5 Reasons why it’s right time to switch to e Gift Cards:

  1. Many merchants sell plastic gift cards online, but we have taken the gift card experience to a whole new digital level, that can be delivered electronically, such as through email, text message, social media or a smartphone app.
  2. One way to personalize a Gift card is to select a design ranging from the company’s iconic logo to seasonal designs that trigger emotions. To make the receiver feel special, the better way is to attach a personal message & an image which resonates with the gifting occasion. We guarantee that there will be an uptick in mom’s psychological response to getting a digital gift when she opens an eGift card containing a picture of her grandkids versus someone else’s.
  3. Although most people expect to see plastic gift cards sometimes only available in predetermined dollar amounts, eGift cards are completely flexible, allowing the giver to choose any amount (within a realistic range) that fits his or her budget.
  4. While you can install many smartphone gift cards Apps, Our App, seamlessly integrated with merchant apps makes the process easy. We give you a gifting experience that can be initiated on a smartphone and received just as easily.
  5. We assure that most of our gift cards are redeemable at every outlet associated with a merchant (online, in stores, in outlet stores and so forth). However, if there are limitations, we and our merchants clearly state where the digital gift cards can be used. Transparency is our core business value.


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