• What is GiftKard?

GiftKard is a mobile to mobile gift card app which allows you to purchase electronic Gift Cards for yourself, your friends or for your family. You can buy a gift card for numerous brands available on the GiftKard app. You can then share these gift cards electronically and also customize your gift card with a text message, photo or video. Gift cards purchased within the app will be stored in the My GiftKards section.

  • What can I use my gift card for?

GiftKards can be used for any occasion – like birthdays, graduation, baby shower and more. Gift cards can be used towards both in-store and online purchases. Depending on the promotion offers for certain cards, the merchant may place restriction on its usage based on spending level, discounted products and services, etc. The usage policy of a gift card will be clearly marked in the terms and condition of the gift card.

  • How can my gift cards be used in-store or online?

Provide the gift card number and OTP (One Time Password) to the cashier at time of purchase. The OTP is valid for 3 minutes and so do rush before it expires. For online transactions, please input the gift card number and the OTP in the section of gift card during the checkout process. Once you redeem a gift card, partially or fully, a message will be sent to your app with the name of the merchant where you used the gift card and the amount redeemed.

  • Does my gift card expire?

Yes! Every gift card has an expiration date which is given on each gift card. Upon the expiration period, a gift card cannot be redeemed for purchases, and the remainder amount in the gift card is forfeited.

  • Do I get a notification before my Gift Card expiry?

We want you to use your gift card and we will send you a reminder on the app at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the card.

  • Where are my Gift Cards?

Your gift cards are in the My GiftKard section – accessible on the top right corner of the app (under the icon with the face on a giftbox).

  • Do I need to have internet connectivity to redeem my card?

Although your gift card is stored on your phone, however the OTP redemption process requires internet connectivity on your smartphone.

  • Can I purchase gift card for myself?

Absolutely! You can purchase gift cards for yourself. It is great way for you to grab gift cards with promotions for yourself or someone else

  • Can I send a gift card that I had bought for myself to a friend?

Yes, you can send a gift card that you may have bought for yourself to a friend at a future date. There is no time limit as to when you can send to that friend, but keep in mind that the expiration date of that card will be marked from the time of the original purchase.

  • Can I re-gift a card I received from a friend to another friend?

No, we do not currently have that capability built into the app.

  • Can I swap a gift card with another from another merchant?

No, we do not currently have that capability built into the app.

  • Can I add more money to an existing gift card?

No, at this time we do not have that functionality built into the app.

  • Can I print a copy of my gift card and use that in the store?

No, because this is a mobile based gift card, you will need your smartphone to buy and use gift cards

  • I’m having trouble retrieving my card. What do I do?

First check to see if your card is still being processed by checking in your My GiftKards. Gift cards can some times take up to 24 hours to process. Either way, the GiftKard Support Team can help! Email us at: team@giftkard.in and we will reach out to you as soon as we can. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

  • Does the recipient need to have the GiftKard app to receive the gift card that I send?

You can send the gift card to your friend even though he may not have the GiftKard app. However, your friend will have to download the app in order to use the gift card. To make it easier on your friend, we will send a link along with a message about the gift card. That link will take your friend to the app in the app store from where your friend can download and install the app.

  • How does my friend know that I have sent a gift card?

When you buy and send a gift card on the GiftKard app, you have the ability to notify your friend through a Whatsapp message or SMS. We will auto populate that message with the link to the GiftKard App and a message about you having sent a gift card to your friend. In addition, we will automatically send a SMS on the recipient’s phone number (provided by you).

  • What if my friend does not have a smartphone, can he still use the gift card?

No, your friend will need a smartphone with internet connectivity or wifi to receive and use the gift card.

  • What if I send a gift card to a friend who does not have a smartphone, what happens to that gift card?

Please contact us at team@giftkard.in before the expiration of the gift card, and we will work with you to find a solution. However, you have to contact us as soon as you realize this (shortly after sending the card).

  • Do I have to sign up with GiftKard to use a gift card I received?

Yes. You can do this by logging into our Android and iPhone Mobile apps. Once you sign in you can receive your M-Gift card and use it as you desire within the limits or restrictions of the gift card issuer.

  • Where can the Gift Card be redeemed?

Gift Cards can be redeemed at any Point of Sale (POS) terminal/single brand merchant outlets. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed at outlets where the merchant does not own the POS.