3 Gift Ideas for Anniversary

3 Gift Ideas for Anniversary

Whether it’s your first anniversary or you’re planning your silver jubilee, you want to make it special by sending a heartwarming gift. Surprise your spouse with a personalized anniversary gift card that shows how well you know and adore her. While conventional anniversary gifts for the first five years of marriage call for paper, cotton, leather, fruit, and wood, the suggestions, frankly, do not get better as the anniversaries stack up. Even modern anniversary gift traditions are somewhat appalling. Apparently, nothing says love like a new clock, china, crystal, appliance, or silverware. Now might be a good time to skip these anniversary gift lists and send personalized mobile gift cards instead.

How to send anniversary gift cards from your smartphone:

1. Conventional Gifts in a new style. Use conventional wedding gift lists as inspiration for selecting your gift card. Your partner should enjoy the creativity and the ability to buy a gift of choice. Remember the list of gifts which actually gives a wow feeling! Bring out those small memories where you had taken a financial cuts and not considered an expensive gift option. Try to select a brand with such items.

2. If you give the anniversary couple cash, they’re likely to add it to their term deposits. However, if you give the couple a mobile gift card with a personal message, “Date night”, they will be more inclined to treat themselves to a chick-flick, a fine dinner, or a night on the town. Tip: Use Facebook to upload a photo of the couple on their honeymoon.

3. Upload a photo of the two of you on your wedding day, and attach the image with the gift card. In the test area you know what to write “Best decision ever”. Upload a current photo to buy a personalized greeting card to go with it. On the inside of the greeting card, write a list of good decisions you’ve made over the years—saved money to buy a house, switched jobs, got college degree, bought a minivan, and so forth. Put it all together and your honey will see that, of all the good decisions you’ve made, choosing her was the best. Practical can still be sentimental.



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